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No Annual Fee Credit Cards Explained

Many credit cards charge an annual fee. The no annual fee credit card as its name suggests, does not charge any fees to the holder of a card other than interest on any debt the card holder carries. Credit card companies usually charge fees which are used to help recoup costs associated with the card such as rewards programs. Therefore as a general rule, the more features the card comes with the higher the annual fee. If you choose a card with no annual fee, you should not expect anything fancy.

When comparing no annual fee credit cards check the interest rate associated with each cards. Often many card issuers charge higher interest rates on cards that do not have an annual fee.
No annual fee cards are best suited to people who either pay their outstanding balance off at the end of each month, or use their card rarely.

Different No Annual Fee Deals

No annual fee discount offer – This is typically offered to an existing customer by their card issuer. Usually the deal is offered to a borrower who has taken a personal loan, or alternatively a bank will make an offer to a current account holder. The lender will either discount the annual fee or waive it entirely. If you plan on accepting such an offer, make sure you check terms and conditions because these deals tend to last for a single year only.

No annual fee for your first year – These cards can be good in the short run, however if you want to save money you would be better off looking at other options.

No annual fee for life – Life deals are obviously as good as it gets because holders are never ever charged an annual fee the entire time they hold the card. As mentioned earlier such cards tend to be very basic and offer little if any additional benefits.

If you are looking for a no annual fee credit card then is the where you should start your search. helps consumers quickly compared different credit card deals from a variety of different banks in an easy to understand format.

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