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St.George Business Cheque Account Plus
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We Say...

This account offers free and unlimited day to day electronic transactions and a generous allowance of free branch and cheque transactions each month.

Why Choose This Account?
  • Free and unlimited day to day transactions.
  • Branch banking.
Additional Information
  • Monthly account keeping fee of $15.

Key Features

If you prefer to do your business banking in the branch or by cheque, the Business Cheque Account Plus is the business account for you. This account is ideal if you do not use a large number of online transactions.

Features :

  • $15 monthly account keeping fee1, this account offers free and unlimited2 day to day electronic transactions and a generous allowance of free branch and cheque transactions each month
  • Unlimited fee free Internet and Phone Banking2 transactions, EFTPOS, St.George, BankSA and Westpac branded ATMs in Australia, direct debits and direct credits
  • 50 free cheque withdrawals or deposits each month via a branch (over the counter including Express Deposits) or electronic agency
  • 50 free cheque deposits or merchant envelopes each month

Our Review

The St.George Business Cheque account is a great way to manage your business finances by making business banking much easier to manage. The big advantage of this account is it lets you do your banking in your own way.

Some businesses do not need online banking and prefer to use their bank account to issue cheques and have branch access. Many Australian banks seem to be going down the online road instead and cutting down their branches Fortunately St.George has an extensive branch network and continues to stress the importance of serving its customers in person.

This business transaction account is completely fee free for business that maintains the minimum daily balance and also allows for a number of free branch transactions and cheque deposits.

Business customers can also apply for a linked credit card and add as many as three holders that St. George will waive the annual fee for.

The account lets holders establish and EFTPOS terminal completely free of charge, so retail businesses that want the flexibility of allowing their customers to pay by card can take care of that option. Other benefits of the account include reduced premiums for business insurance and the ability to apply for an overdraft facility which can be used to manage cash flow and avoid overdrawn or dishonor fees.

All in all this is a decent transaction account for business that want flexibility in the way they manage their cash and place a lot of value in cheque issuance and branch banking.

St.George Business Cheque Account Plus Rates & Info
Account Name
St.George Business Cheque Account Plus
Minimum Balance
St.George Business Cheque Account Plus Fees & Charges
Account Fee
Terms & Conditions

1 This fee does not apply if you have a Commercial Overdraft or Business Maximiser Overdraft facility. Please see the Business Lending and Finance Facilities Fees and Charges for specific services and loan accounts booklet for the monthly account keeping fee/loan administration fee which will apply to your facility. 2 Daily withdrawal limits apply. Charges for special services may apply when using some services via Internet and Phone Banking, and Business Banking Online. 3 SMS Alerts are charged at $0.25 each and Email Alerts are free. 4 All applications for credit are subject to St.George normal approval criteria. 5 Available for Sole Traders, Partnerships and Companies only. St.George Bank Limited ABN 92 055 513 070 AFS License No. 240997.
® Registered to BPAY® Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518

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