The Costs of Getting a Pet

Getting a pet is one of the most rewarding decisions you can make in life, but having a new member of the family around the house will have some impact on your finances, so it makes sense to do some planning before you invest in that kennel and diamante collar.

Australians spend almost $1500 a year on their pets. That’s more than they fork out on the electricity bill, on restaurant meals, and even on booze. That’s right – the Aussie male loves his dog more than he loves his beer.

Buying Your Pet

The price of your chosen pet is the first thing to consider. A pedigree pooch can set you back anything up to $1,500, though picking up an irresistible mongrel from the pound will be much kinder on your wallet. If reptiles are more your thing, you have to factor in the cost of a licence, at around $60 for 2 years.

Making Them Comfortable

Getting a new pet is like having a new baby. You need to go out and buy the equipment it needs to stay warm, to stay safe, and to sleep happily. So you might need a basket, a cage, a pen, or an aquarium, depending on what your new baby is going to be. If you’re buying a dog you should invest in some kit to help you transport it in the car, like a harness or a crate.

Keeping Them Healthy

The vets bills begin as soon as you get your new friend home. A puppy will need some shots so they don’t pick up any nasty germs once they hit the streets. You need to get them microchipped, in case they go astray, and you should decide early if you want to get your dog or cat neutered, or if you want to deal with puppies or kittens down the line.

Keeping Them Fed

Food bills mount up over the years, and if you are planning to buy a dog, remember that some more boisterous breeds can put away a lot of food. Some of the most popular breeds in Australia, kept as pets, like the Koolie, the Kelpie and the Cattle Dog, are working dogs by nature so they need a lot of fuel to stoke all that mental and physical energy.

Be Prepared for Bumps and Scrapes

Like kids, pets will be pets, and they will have the occasional bump and scratch that needs vet attention. Pet insurance is a good idea to help cover accidents or illnesses. Comparison sites will help you get good cover for a decent price.

There is no doubt that keeping a pet will hit your wallet, but as long as you plan for it, you shouldn’t get too many surprises. And a well-chosen pet will pay you back time and again in fun and affection.