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  • Make Sure You Have Travel Insurance So Digital Devices Are Covered Whilst Travelling

Make Sure You Have Travel Insurance So Digital Devices Are Covered Whilst Travelling

Post by Sharat on October 24, 2016 · Under insurance · Comments Off on Make Sure You Have Travel Insurance So Digital Devices Are Covered Whilst Travelling 

With summer upon us and Christmas fast approaching Australian travellers are being warned to remain vigilant and be prepared. According to experts, mobile devices are right at the top of the list of personal valuables that are most likely to be stolen or lost on holiday. These types of items are commonly taken internationally when Australians travel.

Devices can have sentimental value

Despite the fact that some travel insurance policies do cover loss of luggage or personal effects and the lost or stolen item will either be reimbursed or replaced, gadgets like digital cameras or smartphones have sentimental value and in the event of damage or theft simply cannot be replaced. For example, many of these devices have photos stored on them which cannot be recovered which can be a real shame.

Be prepared

Experts say it is important to be prepared before you leave for vacation because it makes life so much more simpler in case something does go wrong. When you are on holiday and something happens, you want to ensure that the paperwork required is as simple as possible, or even better, if you travel smart you can avoid the claim altogether. Insurers say that laptops, tablets and jewellery are part of the five most claimed items, and if you think about it, these items are worth far more than their monetary value. Here are some tips for travelling safely

  • Pack your electronic devices completely separately from any fluids you may be travelling with because the fluids could cause damage to your devices and the data may become irrecoverable.
  • You should make sure you have ownership proof of your personal items which you can get to easily should you need to make a claim.
  • Never leave personal property unattended. This means you should not leave these items with people you do not know. Your insurer will not cover your claim in such instances.
  • If you need to leave personal belongings behind, you should make sure they are secured in a locked boot or glove compartment. If you cannot do this, then you need to carry the items along with you.
  • If your hotel has a safe, you should store your personal items there.
  • Upload all existing images on your phone or camera to the cloud, so you always have access to them in case your device gets stolen.

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