Educo Asks The Public Authority For Greater Interest In Instruction

The NGO Educo, focused on children’s rights, asks the Spanish government to increase investment in education in emergency situations. The organization warns that education is still not a priority in humanitarian emergencies caused by natural disasters and armed conflict, although it should be.

“It is one of the first rights to be interrupted when there is an emergency and one of the last to be recovered. Children affected by this type of situation must have access to education whatever the context in which they find themselves, since that they are in a protected space in which they continue with their learning, the psychosocial impact they are suffering is mitigated and they recover a certain sense of normality within the convulsive situation they are experiencing”, explains Macarena Céspedes,

The organization has launched the campaign to collect signatures “Education is the most powerful weapon in an emergency” with the aim of getting citizens to join Educo’s petition to the government to increase budget allocations for education in conflict situations or emergencies, such as the one currently being experienced in Ukraine. Educo warns that only 0.8% of Official Development Assistance is allocated to education.Regarding Humanitarian Aid, the percentage for education in emergencies is only 2.8%.

“Government investment is clearly insufficient. In recent years, Spain has gone from being one of the European countries that invested the most in this area to being almost at the bottom. Specifically, between 2008 and 2018, Spain has reduced 80% of the total Official Development Assistance allocated to education. It is urgent to stop the abandonment of education in emergencies”, affirms Céspedes. In this sense, the organization calls on the Spanish government for an increase in the Official Development Aid for education so that it reaches at least 8% and requests that the budget for education in emergencies reaches 10% of Humanitarian Aid.

In the specific case of the Ukraine conflict, the NGO denounces the attacks that the country’s schools are suffering. So far, official data speaks of about a thousand educational centers damaged by the bombing, of which a hundred have been completely destroyed.

“In the war in Ukraine, International Humanitarian Law is being violated on many fronts, including attacks on schools, which have been mercilessly punished for years. Without education, there is no present or future. Educational centers are spaces for development , and for that they have to be protected and protect children. Attack schools and prevent them from attendingand learning is destroying the resilience of Ukrainian society and the future of many generations,” says Macarena Céspedes.

For more than 25 years, the NGO Educo, which is present in 14 countries , has been working so that boys and girls can have an equitable and quality education in any context in which they live .

In addition to Ukraine, the organization carries out education programs in emergencies in the African region of the Sahel or in the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh. “Education is the best tool for putting an end to social inequalities and for boys and girls to have the opportunity to escape from the circle of poverty. At Educo we work so that they have safe spaces in which they can learn, but also play and interact while being If we manage to guarantee the right to education for children, we will be able to eradicate the basic problems that our society has so that it is fairer and more equitable”, adds the Director of Advocacy and Research at Educo.

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